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O hai there. Welcome to a terrifyingly pleasureful blog devoted to Pedobear. It's updated a couple times a day with pictures and the occasional video.

Be sure to spread around the link to this page. To my knowledge, it's the only active Fuck Yeah Pedobear. So let's make it a popular blog.

(And unless stated otherwise, none of these pictures belong to me.)

Mar 30

Hi, lolis.

It’s been quite a while. Should I start this back up? Enough of you have stayed around to make me think I should.

Jul 20

Anonymous said: Do you like slutty 11 year old girls? I know a girl that age who is very slutty but I only like innocent little girls, what should I do?

Give her to me. Duh.

May 16

Anonymous said: Do u prefer boys or girls

I’m open to everything. ;D

Mar 23

Anonymous said: you have sex????

Mar 20

Anonymous said: sup.

Sup, brah.

Anonymous said: Where are you?


Feb 11

Anonymous said: What do you think of the song"Little Girls" by Oingo Boingo

I love it! It’s the story of my life. I just love all of the lolis.

- Pedobear.

Watch out, Pedobear.

Watch out, Pedobear.

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